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LASER is the latest treatment for your unsightly nail infections.

  • Quick, in salon procedure
  • Safe & effective treatment
  • Virtually painless procedure
  • No downtime from your regular activities
  • Smart alternative to oral medication

Do your nails appear yellow, brittle, or thickened?

Then perhaps you suffer from Onychomycosis (on-i-ko-mi-KO-sis), a condition also known as nail fungus.
Nail fungus can be found on hands and feet and a highly contagious, commonly caused by heavy foot perspiration, poor shoe/sock ventilation or walking barefoot in damp areas, such as a gym. Until now, the only solutions for nail fungus were to surgically remove the nail; apply topical treatments which have a poor success rate; or more recently prescription medications, which have many potentially dangerous side effects.
The Q-Switch LASER treatment can effectively and efficiently rid you ofunsightly nail infections in as little as one treatment, depending on the severity of the condition. The LASER wavelength penetrates the nail and the nail bed, eliminating the destructive infection allowing your own body to revitalise your nail naturally as it grows out.


Is the procedure painful?

Most people do not feel any pain. Some patients may experience slight warmth or occasional snapping sensation during the procedure. If you have any pain during the procedure, the LASER power can be decreased slightly to eliminate any pain.

What is the recovery period? 

No post treatment pain has been reported. You may resume all normal activities immediately.

How long does the treatment take?

The amount of time varies on the degree of involvement of the nails. A typical visit for consultation and treatment will take anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes.

How much does LASER treatment cost?

Consultation fee is $50.000.  Consultation fee is redeemable from first treatment cost.

(Pre-pay for 3 treatments and receive a FREE Pedicure / Manicure Retreat).

Our goal is to make LASER treatments affordable so we have teamed up with Mac Credit bringing the treatments down to as little as $25/wk.

Does it really work?

LASER for nail infections overseas have had over a 5 year track record that is very impressive. Clients are able to have manicures and pedicures again. Able to wear open toed shoes which they have not worn for many years.

How many treatments will i need?

The Q-Switch LASER treatment can effectively and efficiently rid you of nail infections in as little as one treatment, depending on the severity of the condition. The mid-infrared LASER wavelength penetrates the nail and the nail bed, eliminating the destructive nasty infection thus allowing your own body to revitalise your own nail naturally as it grows out clean clear and healthy.

How does the Q-Switch LASER work?

The Q-Switch produces 1064 /532nm LASER light energy that is specifically absorbed by water and water associated with collagen as well as being focused on the colour red. Collagen is a major component in the tissues of the nail and nail growth area as well as the skin. The LASER is so sophisticated that it can detect and reach the proper target temperature leading to elimination of the nail infection. The treatment then stops immediately without any pain or discomfort.

How soon will I see improvement?

Some clients see an improvement in a week. On average, a persons nail will replace itself every 9-12 months.  Healthy new growth will be visible within the first 2 months as your nails continue to grow following the LASER treatment.