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You may love rugging up inside with heaters on, nice long hot showers but your skin is not a fan of this or winter. With cold temperatures and harsh winds it’s easy for your skin to become a little distressed at this time of year.

But it's ok! We at Facial Impressions have some great tips and amazing product suggestions, which we are certain you'll fall in love with too. With skin that’s not only soft to touch, but is hydrated and radiating a healthy glow.

WINTER BODY TIP #1: Avoid super-hot showers and baths.
Lathering up with a drying soap under a long, hot shower is a HUGE no-no in the cooler months, as it’ll strip your skin of all its moisture. Keep your showers as speedy as possible, keep the water temperature warm and treat your skin to a nourishing body wash, and NEVER use soap on your face. If your oily skin you may even notice your feeling dryer too so we suggest switching from a foaming cleanser to a milk cleanser for Oily / Combination Skin.

Product picks: Salt Of The Earth - Creamy Scrub, Custom Tans - Goat Milk & Honey SLS free Bar Cherry Blossom & Lotus Shower CreamCinnamon & Ginger Shower Gel

WINTER BODY TIP #2: Slather your damp body in moisturiser.
Once you’ve stepped out of the shower and patted yourself dry, apply a rich, nourishing body moisturiser while your skin is still slightly damp. Your skin is very accepting of extra moisture when it is still moist, you see, so it’ll ensure the nourishing ingredients are locked in long after you’ve applied the product. And don’t be lazy either – apply it to your entire body.  Product pick:  Salt of The Earth Mineral Cream, Sothys Body Elixir (dry oil). Cherry Blossom & Lotus Body ElixirOrange Blossom & Cedar Body ElixirLemon & Bitter Orange ElixirCinnamon & Ginger Body Elixir

WINTER BODY TIP #3: Don’t be slack with your SPF.
Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you can ditch your daily sunscreen. Whether you’re walking to and from work, playing outdoor sports, chilling at a café or heading off to the snow for a mid-year break, please slip, slop, slap on your broad-spectrum SPF and reapply as necessary. Product pick: Sun Shield  SPF50.

WINTER BODY TIP #4: Treat, heal & hydrate at night.
Your skin does its best healing at night time, so beat winter to its own drying game and nourish your face before bedtime with an active night cream and serums. These creams are rich to hydrate with active ingredients as your skin is resting. Look for ingredients such as Glysalac, AHA, BHA, Retinol (Vitamin A), Vitamin C. As these ingredients will help soften the skin while helping to heal scars, uneven skin tone / pigmentation and fine lines associated with ageing skin. Product pick: Energy Night CreamNoctuelle Night CreamUltra-C DermoboosterGlysalac DermoboosterRetinol Dermobooster.

BEAUTIFUL WINTER BODY TIP #5: Time to start facial treatment program.
Winter is the time to get active with your skin as we are not out and about at the beach all weekend exposed to harsher UV rays. Give your skin a boost of Hydration, refine skin texture and fine lines, start treating that annoying pigmentation, now is the time to get started! Come in for a consultation and we will devise the best treatment plan for you. Treatment pick: Cosmeceutique RX Clinical Peel, Hydra3Ha (Intensive Hydrating) Facial Treatment, Microdermabrasion, LED (light therapy). Q-Switch LASER.


Why do we always talk about hydrating your skin? Why is it important that you need to keep our skin hydrated? The simple fact is that a dehydrated skin indicates that something is not right. Dehydrated skin is not a healthy skin. Dehydration is the first sign of an impaired skin barrier which can lead to inflammation, skin sensitivity, eczema, dermatitis, premature aging, and even acne. 

A hydrated skin is an indication that the skin is healthy. The skin barrier is intact, the skin is strong, resilient, and has good immunity. So before we do anything else, we always check for skin hydration levels and correct his first. 

What Is a Dehydrated Skin

So how do you know if your skin is dehydrated? Dehydrated skin feels tight, dry, and uncomfortable. Under magnification, we can see fine lines on the surface of the skin. Dehydrated skin often has a dull appearance, it lacks vitality. I deeply dehydrated skin will also feel very dry and can become itchy and irritated easily. Because of the lack of moisture, the skin is not able to renew itself and exfoliate so there will be a build-up of dead cells and even be flaking in patches. 

What Is the Difference Between Dry and Dehydrated Skin

A dry skin is a skin type, whereas dehydration is a skin condition. Skin type is usually determined by genes where the skin condition is determined by lifestyle factors and external environment. So people with dry skin are usually born with this skin type and they do not produce as much oil in the skin. 

Dehydration can occur in dry skin or oily skin types. The difference is that the skin is lacking moisture. Whereas dry skin is lacking oil. 

Best Skin Hydration Products

The best products to hydrate this include potent active ingredients to saturate the skin with moisture from the surface and deep within the skin. Where use and recommend the Sothys Hydra3Ha hydrating serum, creams and mask. This range of products includes high levels of 2 different types of hyaluronic acid, which can hold up to 1000 x its weight in water. 

* High molecular weight hyaluronic acid which creates a water patch on the surface of the skin and 

* Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid which provides a water reservoir deep in the skin.

+ Components of the Natural Moisturising Factor for a hydra-plumping effect. 

+ The patented 1055 boletus extract boosts the synthesis of hyaluronic acid by 23% in the epidermis (outer skin) and by 29% in the dermis (inner skin).

Best Treatment to Hydrate Your Skin in 1 Hour

The Sothys Hydra3Ha Intense Hydration Treatment is the best treatment to correct hydration levels in your skin and repair the barrier for long results. This is our ultimate skin Hydrating Intensive Treatment specially developed to meet the hydration needs of all skin types. Based around triple helix Hyaluronic acid, delivered in a six-phase protocol, with specific Sothys Digi-Esthetique® massage techniques… +71% after one treatment with immediate and long lasting results!

How to Hydrate the Skin from Inside 

Here are some tips on how you can hydrate your skin from the inside. 

Yes, you need to drink water and try drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. Make it interesting and drink sparkling mineral or spring water. 

You can flavor your filtered water with fruit, berries or herbal teas to make it more interesting.

Eat food high in water content such as soups, yogurt, watermelon, celery, capsicum, grapes, and dark leafy vegetables.

We have excellent tools to correct your dehydrated skin with the best quality products and treatments we offer. If you follow our advice or which products to use to keep your skin hydrated, have regular Hydra3Ha treatments and make some minor changes to your lifestyle habits you will have a healthy, youthful radiant skin.